🏆Winner of the Supplier Excellence Award🏆

I lead my team in the development of programs that exceed the operational goals of our clients.

🔹 Program Development

🔹 Program Implementation

🔹 Program Management

I am able to develop engagement that keeps my team motivated and highly productive through coaching and mentoring.

🔹 High Engagement

🔹 Low Turnover

🔹 High Performance

I am the Vice President of the Northern California Market at G4S Secure Solutions (USA), we specialize in integrated security solutions that mitigate risk and add value. In this role, I am responsible for the development, operations, and profitability of all physical security services.

🔹 Business Development

🔹 Operations Management

🔹 Revenue Growth

Before joining G4S, I was the Vice President of the Western Region at Command Security Corporation, a contract security company dedicated to serving their customers and their nation. In this role, I reported directly to the CEO and managed all branches, managers, and employees within the region.


⬆️ Increased service by 33%

⬆️ Increased revenue by 41%

⬇️ Reduced turnover by 24%

⬇️ Reduced overtime by 51%

While I enjoy all aspects of my role, my favorite stage of a project is working with the client to understand their operational needs. My most exciting work to date has been forming the perfect team to successfully take over one of the nation’s largest accounts and increasing service hours by over 400% bringing their revenue up over $68 million.

Featured Skills:

🔹 Leadership Development

🔹 Operations Management

🔹 Account Management

🔹 Project Management

🔹 Client Relations

Additional Skills:

🔸 Business Development

🔸 Financial Management

🔸 Profit and Loss Accountability

🔸 Profit Margin Management

🔸 Collections/Accounts Receivable Management

I am truly passionate about my career and always eager to connect with former colleagues, managers, and industry professionals, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect.

Jay Franze
Vice President, Operations
G4S Secure Solutions (USA)

☎️ 209-237-8742 (M)

📧 jayfranze@jayfranze.com

💼 jayfranze.com

Author / Speaker / Coach with a passion for leadership development.

Vision: To help people and teams reach their full potential through strategic leadership.