Producer/Engineer – Delivery Instructions

Pro Tools Delivery Instructions

  • Make a back-up of your session, and work with the back-up… not the Master
  • Keep files in their original file format (WAV, AIF, SDII)
  • Keep files at their original bit depth (24Bit, 16Bit)
  • Keep files in their original sample rate (192k, 96k, 48k, 44.1k, etc.)
  • Be sure that all tracks are named properly (Kick, Snare, Bass, etc.)
  • Be sure that all edits are made
  • Do not commit to any processing (Deactivate all plug-ins)
  • Be sure that all files are consolidated (All files should start at zero, even if this means leaving a lot of silence at the beginning of a track that only plays at the end of the song)
    • Consolidating Tracks – Select the entire track from just beyond the end of the final region all the way to the beginning (Zero)
    • Under the Edit Menu choose Consolidate Selected Regions (Shift-Option-3)
  • Under the Playlist Menu choose Delete all Unused Playlists
  • Under the Regions List Menu choose Select Unused Files (Shift-Command-U)
  • Under the Regions List Menu choose Delete Unused Files (Shift-Command-B)
  • Burn the session to a CD-R, DVD-R, or copy it to a Hard Drive
  • Send the CD-R, DVD-R, or Hard Drive (Including any documentation, and instructions)

Other Digital Audio Workstations

  • All other DAWs should function in a similar fashion, so use the steps above as a guideline.


  • Tape will require a transfer
  • Third party transfer fees will apply
  • Be sure to make a safety
  • Be sure to send the safety not the master