Producer/Engineer – FAQ

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  • Does Jay work with Indie Artists?
    Yes, Jay loves to work on Indie Projects.

  • Does Jay work with all genres?
    Yes, although Jay does have his specialties, he prides himself on being able to adapt to all projects.

  • Will Jay produce my project?
    If Jay believes in your project, he will be more than happy to discuss the possibilities.

  • Why do I need a producer?
    The producer is the one element that can make or break your project. Having someone with the background, organizational skills, contacts, passion and ears for music is crucial to a successful project. Without this source behind your music, there will be a noticeable void.

  • How much say will I have in my project?
    Complete, this is your project. It is Jay’s role to present you with the best options for your project, it is your role to decide which option to take.

  • Will Jay engineer my project in addition to producing it?
    Yes, Jay is a highly skilled engineer.

  • Will my project be mastered?
    Yes, Jay understands the importance of a mastered project and offers mastering as part of his service. There are times when Jay feels a fresh set of ears are needed, and uses one of his specialized team members.

  • Will my project stand up to major label recordings?
    Yes, Jay and his team have all worked on many “A” Level Projects, and are more than capable of delivering an “A” Level Product.

  • Do I need a full production team?
    No, however it is always best to work with a specialized team and Jay hires only the best people for the job. There will never be any unnecessary people eating the budget.

  • Will Jay critique my demo?
    Absolutely. Please feel free to submit it for a free critique.  (Additional critiques are available as a service for hire).

  • Will Jay supply the material for my project?
    If you are not a songwriter, Jay will help you find the right material for your project. Custom songwriting/co-writing services are also available upon request.

  • Will Jay supply the musicians for my project?
    If you are a solo artist or a band in need of musicians, Jay will not only help you find musicians, but he will help you find what he feels are the best musicians for your project.

  • How long will it take to complete my project?
    Although every project is different, some take as little as a week, some a month, and on the rare occasion some take a little longer.

  • Can Jay help me get a deal or sell my songs?
    Although there are no guarantees, Jay would be more than happy to give you advice and point you in the right direction.

  • How do I know that Jay is legitimate?
    In addition to being on the board of AES (Audio Engineering Society), a published author, and an educator at some of the best audio schools in the world, you can find a list of Jay’s credits, his discography, as well as testimonials on this site. Jay is also available to talk and answer any questions that you might have.



  • Do I need a mix engineer to mix my music?
    Yes, most would agree that mixing is an art that takes years to master, and this art can make or break the acceptance of your final product.

  • Why should I have Jay mix my music?
    Jay has over 25 years of experience, great ears, and the ability to deliver a great mix.

  • Why wouldn’t I just have the recording engineer mix my music, as well as, record it?
    It has become common practice in the industry to have a second specialized engineer (mix engineer) lend an unbiased opinion to your mix, especially when dealing with singles. Again, you’re choosing Jay for his years of experience, great ears, and the ability to deliver a great mix.

  • How can I be sure I’ll get the mix I am looking for?
    You will have a chance to come in at the end of the session and give the final approval. If you are unable to come in and give final approval of the mix, Jay will send you a copy allowing you to spend some time with it and request any changes.

  • Can I hire Jay to mix one song, before I commit to having him mix my entire project?
    Yes, you should be sure that you are satisfied.

  • How long will it take to mix my song?
    Although this can vary from song to song, Jay typically spends approximately one day per song.

  • Can I add more tracks to my song once Jay has started mixing it?
    Although it is recommended that your song be completed before sending it, Jay can always go back and add tracks to the mix; he can do this even after the completion of the mix.



  • How can I copyright my own songs?
    You can copyright your songs by filing the appropriate forms with the U.S. Copyright Office.

  • Can Jay help me with performing rights organizations?
    Yes, this is included for any artist that is under development with Jay.

  • Can Jay provide photos for my project?
    Yes, Jay works with some of the finest photographers available.

  • Can Jay provide the artwork for my project?
    Yes, Jay works with some of the finest graphic artists available.

  • Can Jay provide the manufacturing for my project?
    Yes, Jay works with some of the finest manufactures available.

  • Can Jay get my songs into the iTunes store?
    Yes, Jay can assist you with this.

  • Do I need a distributor to get my music out?
    No, there are many ways for you to get your music out. And while traditional distribution is one of them, it is not necessarily the best choice.

  • Can Jay help me with radio promotion?
    Yes, Jay can help connect you with radio promoters.

  • Can Jay provide me with a website?
    Yes, Jay works with some of the finest web designers available.

  • Will Jay promote my project?
    Jay has the contacts to promote an artist but he can not guarantee he will pitch your project. Jay is very selective about what he promotes.

  • Do I need a manager or an agent?
    It is recommended that artists look into these possibilities when approaching the completion of their project.

  • Will Jay help me find a manager or an agent?
    Although there are no guarantees, Jay will be more than happy to discuss the possibilities and make any recommendations.

  • How far in advance do I need to book Jay’s service?
    You should always allow yourself enough time for scheduling and availability. Depending on the service, a month is usually sufficient.

  • Is Jay available for rush projects?
    There are always holes in the schedule that allow Jay to book a last minute session, however, these dates are subject to availability.

  • What if I don’t live in town?
    Most of Jay’s clients are from out of town.  So he offers his time in blocks and may be able to assist in housing or hotel recommendations.

  • Will Jay travel to us?
    Yes, there are definitely times when it would be more appropriate for Jay to travel to you, and he has contacts at many of the finest studios this country has to offer.

  • What makes Jay and his team better than one in my city?
    When hiring Jay you’re getting over 25 years of specialized experience, and a highly skilled team that can deliver the product that you’re looking for.

  • Does Jay offer consulting?
    Yes, Jay is a highly trained and skilled producer/engineer. He has been an educator at some of the best audio schools in the world, is on the board of AES (Audio Engineering Society), and a published author. Not only does Jay offer consultation for artists interested in working with him, but he also offers consulting as a service for hire for artists simply looking for advice.



  • How much will my project cost?
    Every project has different needs, however Jay’s clients can expect superior quality, professional work at reasonable rates. For additional information on Jay’s services, and rates please contact us.

  • Can Jay work within our budget?
    Yes, although Jay does have set rates, he can typically work within any reasonable budget.

  • Do we have to sign a contract?
    No, absolutely not. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to bring them up for discussion.

  • Does Jay accept credit cards?
    Yes, we currently accept credit cards through PayPal.

  • Does Jay offer financing?
    Yes, we offer financing to qualified clients.

  • Can Jay help me find an investor?
    Yes, although there are no guarantees, we can present select projects to investors.