3 Inspiring Things To Tell Your Team

Your team’s success, as well as your own, depends upon your leadership.  It will not take long to succeed as a team with great leadership; and it won’t take long to fail with poor leadership.  It all starts with communication and what you say to your team.  Here are 3 inspiring things that you can tell your team:

I Believe in You

Remember when you were a kid and you doubted your ability to do something?  Chances are your mom or dad, or another loving adult, would not let you give up. They knew you could do it.  As adults, we don’t often here that phrase, do we?  Imagine how much more could be accomplished if we said that more often.  The phrase, “I believe in you”, can inspire even the most confident team member.  Be careful to not just say it but show it.  Give them freedom to get their job done, and even to make mistakes.  Be there to pick them up but believe in the person you chose to get the job done.

I Want to Know Your Opinion

We have all heard the expression: opinions are like heartbeats, every living person has one (and, yes, I used the PG version of that expression!).  Not every opinion will bring value or progress, but by hearing out even the not-so-good ones, you build confidence in team members.  It also gives you an opportunity to discover where weaknesses might be and implement solutions to help those team members.  You do not have to agree with every opinion, but inside one of those coal mines might be a diamond.  So, listen to your team!

Tell Me How I Can Help You

Such a simple statement, but rarely spoken.  After you say it, listen to what your team members say.  Then jump in and help.  A point should be made that this does not mean you do their job for them.  That’s their job!  It does mean that if they have questions, want to run an idea past you, or need a half an hour brainstorming session, you are willing to accommodate.  Be willing to show a team member how do perform a specific task, rather than doing it for them.  Remember, give a man a fish and he eats for one night; teach him how to fish and he can eat for a lifetime.  Make your mantra to teach your team to fish and your basket of success will always be full.

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, but you can’t forget your number one role as a manager: be a leader.  Let your team know you believe in them, listen to their opinion, and seek the areas they need assistance.  Earn their trust and loyalty and lead your team to success.

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