3 Quick Ways To Be Likable As A Manager

As a manager, you want to be liked.  However, it is rare to be liked by everyone.  There will always be those who do not like you no matter how hard you try, but those are not the ones you should worry about.  Really, as a manager, it is not about being liked.  It is about being respected.  Still, here are 3 quick ways to be more likeable as a manager:

Be Confident

You want to be confident, but at the same time you do not want to be cocky.  This can be a fine line; however, it is one that can’t be crossed.  Confidence is a likeable trait and arrogance is not.  Confidence comes from knowledge, so be sure you have a clear understanding of your role and the roles of your team members.  Your ability to answer their questions is vital.

Be Genuine

Your team will appreciate you more when you are genuine and up front with them.  Do not try to be someone you are not.  You will not only confuse your team, it will cause them to lose respect for you.


A good manager knows the value of listening.  It allows your team a chance to voice their opinions, concerns, etc.  It also lets your team know you are there for them, and it builds their trust.  People like to talk, so take a minute to listen.  Listening to them will not only make you likeable, it will provide you with valuable insight.

A good manager may not always be liked, but they are always respected.  You can be more likable by being confident, genuine, and taking the time to listen.  These are things from which everyone can benefit.  They are valuable skills that do not cost any money or take any time.  Yet the rewards reaped can’t be measured.

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