3 Quick Ways To Feel Good At Work

Your professional image is the last place you want to compromise.  Here are 3 quick ways to look and feel good at work:

Dress Sharp

It is a fact that if you look good, you feel good.  This is especially true at the office.  Casual Fridays are great, but even then, you should take pride in the way you look.  Dress for the part you want, and, in the way, you want to be perceived.  In the world of business, there are few things as powerful as a suit and tie.  Invest in at least one tailor-made suit.  Partner it with a classy tie and you will feel as great as you look.  The confidence booster this gives will allow you to focus your attention on networking, or any project you might be working on.

Set an Example with Your Attire

Your leadership, peers, and clients will give you respect when you dress the part.  They will know that you are serious and ready to work.  Once you start working with your team you can get a feel for how they dress.  If they dress more casually then you can dress down a little.  Still, you should always dress a little sharper than expected.  Stay sharp and stand out.

Good Hygiene

Have you ever wanted to toss a breath mint into someone’s mouth while they are talking?  You do NOT want to be that person, so remember the lessons mom taught you!  Wash your face, brush your teeth, and comb your hair.  You never know who you will meet throughout the day, or when you will meet them.  Bathe regularly, shave, use mouth wash, trim your nails, etc.  You do not want to be the one that everyone talks about negatively.

Take the time and put in a little extra effort when getting ready, and avoid having to worry if your appearance is up to par.  If you do not put in the effort here, who will believe you will put the effort in at work?  Take a few extra minutes and polish up.  Dress sharp but stay conservative.  Show your fun side but do it in a classy way.

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