3 Quick Ways To Motivate Yourself

The word “motivation” comes from the Latin word “movere”, which means “to stir or move”.  We experience motivation when an emotion or desire drives us enough to bring about the results of any goal or accomplishment.  And let’s face it, we all need motivation from time to time.  Maybe you’re stuck in a rut, or you might have a lot on your plate.  Either way you need to snap out of it and get back on track.  Okay, it’s easier said than done.  How can you be expected to just snap out of it?  You can’t wave your magic wand, but you can start a cycle that will push you along and keep you on the right track.  Here are 3 quick ways to start that cycle and motivate yourself.

Learn Something New

You will naturally feel a sense of accomplishment when you learn something new.  This will not only make you feel better, but it will boost your value in the eyes of your company.  Taking initiative to become more proficient at a skill, or the expansion your knowledge base, shows that you care not only about your personal success, but the success of the company.  Any time you do which ultimately benefits your employer, your value increases.  You can take a simple online class, attend a seminar, or even attend a webinar if you can’t afford to leave the office.  Some employers will even offer to pay for such courses, which is a great motivator (there’s that word again!) to attend.  Then showcase your accomplishments on your resume, or professional profiles.

Push Your Limits

I attended a seminar where speaker asked everyone to stand and reach as high as we could.  Then he said, “Now stretch another inch.”  Guess what?  We all could.  We were challenged to reach up our highest the first time yet were all able to reach up just a little bit more.  Never stop challenging yourself and reaching for a little more.  You might feel intimidated when facing a new project.  Face it head on.  Afraid of going outside your comfort zone?  Feeling uncomfortable shouldn’t damper your enthusiasm.  In fact, that sense you get when you think you have hit a brick wall is sometimes exactly what you need to push you past your limit and give you that breakthrough moment.  Rely on your team; realize everyone needs help now and again.  By showing you’re willing to take on any challenge, you encourage those around you to do the same.

Don’t Worry About What Others Think of You

In today’s world of never-ending judgment, this may seem impossible.  Just be yourself, and stand for what you believe in.  Voice your opinion, even if it does not align with other members of your team.  If you believe your ideas truly represent what is best for the company, gather evidence and information to support them and present them.  They may not always be chosen but showing that you put thought into such notions speaks volumes.  In the words of Polonius: “To thine own self be true”.


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