About – Producer / Engineer

Jay has engineered projects for a host of legendary artists including Jerry Lee Lewis, Hank Williams, Jr., and Dolly Parton, as well as produced and engineered projects for such indie artists as Matty McRee, Tristin Burke, and Allison Piccioni. In addition, he has engineered shows for such greats as Phil Vasser, Keith Urban, and The Wilkinsons. He has also collaborated with many top-notch producers like Bob Bullock, Matt McClure, and Chas Sandford, and worked extensively in studios across the country such as The Tracking Room, Oceanway, and Masterfonics. A number of production companies have also benefited from his expertise, including Spin Red Productions, Pitt/Penn Productions, and Cristaldi Music. He has even engineered projects for a number of publishing companies like Real Life Music, Shadow Mountain Music, and Hanalei Music Group. His work has also been published by DSM Producers securing airtime on the likes of NBC, Comedy Central, and Saturday Night Live.

Jay earned his certification in Recording Engineering and Music Production at The Recording Workshop, in Ohio. He also obtained a certificate in Music Business from Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music, a Business Degree from a Massachusetts State College, and a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership from The University of Queensland, in Australia. Later, in Nashville, He attended the Pro Tools Training Center and received his certification in Avid’s Pro Tools. He also received a diploma and graduated with High Honors in Audio Technology at SAE Institute of Technology.

He has taught at some of the most prestigious audio schools in the world including SAE Institute of Technology, International Academy of Design and Technology, and Full Sail University. Jay has also been a guest lecturer at such schools as CDIA Boston University, Belmont University, and The Hartt School at the University of Hartford. He has been invited to speak at industry events including the Recording Artist Survival Camp – Tennessee State University, Boston Area Definitive Audio Student Summit – Art Institute/The New England Institute of Art, and Central Region Student Summit – Webster University.

Jay has been involved in The Recording Academy – Producers and Engineers Wing, The Society Of Professional Audio Recording Services, and the Audio Engineering Society. It is there that he served as the Vice-Chair of their Boston Chapter, 2008-2009. Prior to the position of Vice-Chair, he also sat on the board of their Nashville Chapter, 2005-2008. Not only has he volunteered his time to these societies, he has been enlisted to Beta Testing Avid’s software Pro Tools before its release to the public.

Jay has also penned two books, which have received phenomenal marks throughout the audio engineering community. The first, entitled “Pro Tools A…Z,”  gives a comprehensive look into Avid’s industry-standard software presented as a textbook in an easy to follow format. The second, “Mixing A…Z,”  demystifies critical mixing techniques, and is a wonderful companion to mix engineers at all levels and experiences.

“Jay has helped me with several of my recording projects and has always gone the extra mile. I know if Jay is on the project things will go well. Which allows me to be more creative as a music producer.”

~Bob Bullock

“Mr. Franze’s expertise in the studio is invaluable. From producer to engineer, from mixing to mastering, Jay is an undiscovered gem. His common sense in the studio has saved me much needed time and energy.”

~Richard Pittman

“Jay Franze is an extremely talented producer, and working with him on my album ‘A Season For Change’ has been the most wonderful and exciting past few months of my life. He is creative, insightful, professional, and has really gone the extra mile. He has surpassed all expectations of a music producer.”

~Allison Piccioni