Clown Tears and Confidence: Anna Storm, Recording Artist


Anna Storm: Emmy Award-Winning Recording Artist / Songwriter (Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, Real Housewives of Dubai)

Join us on The Jay Franze Show as we welcome the powerhouse Pop-R&B sensation Anna Storm. Her music isn’t just a blend of beats and melodies; it’s an anthem of confidence and a testament to resilience.

Hailing from a humble town in Connecticut, Anna Storm’s journey into the music world was shaped by adversity. Bullied and overlooked during her youth, music became her refuge—a safe space where she forged her identity. Out of these trials emerged the unapologetically fearless Anna Storm we see today. Her message resounds loud and clear: self-love and confidence are the ultimate sources of power.

In this episode, Anna shares her latest single, “Clown Tears,” a dark pop masterpiece infused with electronic vibes. With raw honesty, she delves into the song’s inspiration—a tale of self-discovery after a toxic relationship. Through pulsating basslines and haunting melodies, the track embodies the journey of reclaiming one’s worth and standing tall as the ringleader of your circus.

Having graced screens as an Emmy Award-winning featured artist on Lizzo’s “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls” on Amazon Prime, Anna Storm is no stranger to the spotlight. Her recent appearances on Snapchat’s “Phone Swap” and Netflix’s “Chad and JT Go Deep” showcase her commitment to using her platform for empowerment.

Join Jay Franze as he uncovers Anna’s mission to ignite a sense of self-worth in others. Through her music and experiences, Anna Storm champions the idea that resilience and unwavering determination can pave the way for limitless success despite life’s challenges.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation with Anna Storm, a beacon of empowerment, as she encourages listeners to embrace their authentic selves and rewrite their narratives.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Anna Storm
  • Recorded: January 1, 2024


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