Create Your Own Future

Determine your goals, create a plan of action.  P-L-A-N. Lack of planning is the number one reason people fall short of their goals.  Are you seeking a promotion?  It is not going to fall in your lap – you must prepare for it.  Take time to prepare yourself and give your boss a reason to promote you.

When in Doubt… Don’t

Doubt may be a natural tendency, but it is a roadblock.  Push past the feeling and follow your plan, which should include a schedule and a timeline.  By following this, you will be focused and less distracted by doubt.  Each day will bring its own challenges, so the emphasis should be on today.  Complete small tasks each day toward your greater goal.  It will not be long before you have achieved what you set out to do.

The More You Know…

You have heard the knowledge is power, right?  Never stop learning.  This can’t be stressed enough.  Whether it is industry-related books, seminars, or online classes – anything you can watch, read, see, or do that will keep you ahead of the curve – do it. Become obsessed with your occupation and all it entails, and that obsession will lead to expertise.

Keep Building Your Personal Brand

Who you are and what you have to offer changes constantly.  Anytime you learn a new skill you are now more marketable than before.  Keep your resume updated and add a new accomplishment or skill each time you acquire it.  Keep your business profiles current so you are ready for any opportunity which may come your way. Develop a plan to elevate yourself to the next level and stick to it.  Do something which sets you apart from your colleagues, e.g.  publishing a paper, writing an article, etc.  If you have the time, create a blog, podcast, or a video series.  Build a social media following and prove yourself as an expert in your field.

You Got This

You have the power to determine the direction of your life.  Surround yourself with the right people by networking constantly.  Have a presence both online and offline.  Develop your elevator speech and be prepared to use it when the opportunity presents itself.  Preparation is the foundation of confidence and confidence, along with a positive attitude, will build your network.  And a strong network is the key to a great future.

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