Are Deadlines Weighing You Down?

We are all guilty of waiting until the last minute to do certain things.  December 24th, who’s online shopping ready to pay a fortune for overnight delivery?  I see those hands!  On the way to a potluck dinner and you forgot you were supposed to bring something?  Grocery store rotisserie chicken to the rescue!  In and of themselves, these are not tragic events.  In business, however, waiting until the last minute can be the end of a client relationship.  It does nothing but make you and your team unhappy and stressed out.  You can relieve this stress by helping everyone set clear, and realistic, goals and objectives.  It is better to be forthright with a client about the reality of their expectations than to make promises you can’t hope to keep.  The ability to meet deadlines on time reflects well on both you and your team.

Make the Goals Clear

When setting goals, it is important to make sure they are clear.  Take the time to write them down on a whiteboard or send a memo to the entire team.  Be prepared to gather everyone to go over the expectations of the goals so each team member is on the same page.  You and your team will have a better chance at success if you stay organized.  Each team member has certain strengths so delegate responsibilities accordingly.  Be careful not to overwhelm any one team member.

Reaching the Milestones

Each team member should be aware of the milestones that you are looking to achieve, along with deadlines for each.  The timely completion of these will give your team a sense of accomplishment.  In addition, schedule regular meetings and keep the lines of communication open.

Get (and Stay) Organized

Never touch the same piece of paper twice.  Read the information thoroughly the first time so you do not have to waste time reviewing it time and again.  This saves time, money, and heartache, especially on long projects.  Keep your team focused on their goals, and on reaching their milestones.  This will keep you on schedule, and lead to a successful project.



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