Dream Big And Be Productive

You have dreams, but do you actually follow them?  Pursuing your dream is the hard part, and there is only so much time in a day.  Ending your day at exactly eight hours or burning yourself out – neither of these will help you reach your goals.  You must have balance.

Create a Plan

Without a plan you are going to burn out – and I’m not talking about the cool trick that race car drivers perform.  Burn out – as in cranky, overworked, wife can’t stand the sight of you kind of burn out.  So, create that plan then break everything down into smaller goals.  Jot them down in a spiral or on a whiteboard and check them off as you go.  This will give you a feeling of accomplishment which is key.  It will also give you the strength to begin tackling your next step.  Plan your entire day, remembering to allow time for meals, sleep, and personal time.  If you do not put it in the plan, you may not take the time for it. Being productive does not mean you have no free time.

Don’t Confuse Busyness with Productivity

There is a saying:  Activity does not equal productivity.  Have you ever walked by someone’s desk and they always seem to be moving papers around, but nothing ever gets done?  Or, they are organized and can find anything at a moment’s notice, but if they are called on in a meeting you get a blank stare and excuses.  Do not be this person.  Only when you are completing tasks that lead to your goals are you truly being productive.  Outsource some of your busy work which will allow yourself the time to focus on achieving your goals.  Delegate to your team, hire an assistant, or utilize a service.

Keep a Progress Report

Keep a record of your progress so you can see your accomplishments.  Look back at the past week, month, or year, and see that you have made great strides.  Keeping a record also allows you to learn from your mistakes and make any necessary adjustments.  This is key to growth, both in your career, as well as in your life.

Aim High and Be Willing to Adjust

You should always be looking for things that push your boundaries and put you ahead of your competition.  You may not reach every goal you have, but if you do not even try it is the same as failing.  Be prepared to adjust your goals; many times, things do not go as planned.  The truth is – if you aim small, you will miss small.

So, dream big and succeed big!

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