Project Management: Mastering Complexity – A Journey of Leadership and Excellence With Angela Thurman


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  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Co-Host: Mindy Jo Rigel
  • Guest: Angela Thurman
  • Aired: August 2, 2023

In this captivating episode of The IDEAS of Leadership, we are honored to welcome Angela Thurman, a trailblazer in the aerospace, defense, telecom, and power sectors. As a Principal Managing Director at Thurman Co. LLC, Angela has earned a stellar reputation for her technical consulting expertise and ability to deliver complex and high-value programs and contracts for industry giants such as Collins Aerospace, Boeing, Airbus, and Sprint.

With over 25 years of experience, Angela joins us to share the invaluable insights and wisdom she has gained throughout her illustrious career. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Mensa Society Member, Angela’s credentials speak volumes about her dedication to excellence and commitment to continuous learning.

During this conversation, Angela delves into her core competencies, which include program management, contract management, and compliance. She unravels the intricacies of tackling multifaceted projects in the aerospace and defense sectors and sheds light on the nuances of managing contracts in highly regulated industries. As we explore her journey, we discover how she has been a driving force behind process improvement, supplier and tool assessment, and continuous improvement projects.

Beyond her professional achievements, Angela wears her passion for creating collaborative and efficient environments on her sleeve. She emphasizes the significance of teamwork, organization, and client satisfaction as core values in her approach to leadership. Her dedication to fostering a culture of inclusivity and excellence shines through as she reveals her role as the Treasurer and Membership Director of the Texas Chapter of Women in Manufacturing.

Join us for a thought-provoking and empowering conversation with Angela Thurman as we dive deep into the complexities of leadership in the aerospace, defense, telecom, and power sectors. Her experiences, lessons learned, and profound advice will inspire leaders and aspiring leaders to embrace challenges, drive change, and push the boundaries of success.

Don’t miss this opportunity to glean wisdom from a seasoned leader who has left an indelible mark in her industry and beyond. Tune in to this episode of The IDEAS of Leadership and embark on an enlightening journey with Angela Thurman.

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