Echoes of War and Words with Former Agent Robert Schreiner

In the latest episode of The Jay Franze Show, we are taken on an enthralling journey with former CIA agent turned author, Robert Schreiner. The transition from the shadows of international espionage to the limelight of literary success is a path less traveled, and Schreiner’s tale is one that both intrigues and inspires.

The heart of our conversation delves into the serendipitous moments that gave birth to Schreiner’s historical novel “The Wolves and the Greyhounds.” The author shares how his children’s high school history projects and his lifelong passion for military history served as the catalysts for his writing. Bob spent an arduous three years meticulously researching the Battle of Coronel, a lesser-known yet pivotal event of World War I. His dedication to authenticity is evident as he describes gathering sources from prestigious institutions to weave a story that breathes life into history.

Schreiner also provides insight into the formidable maze of the publishing industry. He candidly speaks about the highs of receiving positive feedback and the lows of rejection letters, a common plight among authors striving for traditional publication. The discussion sheds light on the tenacity required in the face of such challenges, particularly when dealing with a niche genre like WWI naval combat. Schreiner’s narrative doesn’t stop at the barriers of traditional publishing; he ventures into the empowering world of self-publishing. He talks about the tools and resources that aided him, including platforms like Reedsy for editing and Kindle Direct Publishing for formatting and distribution.

The conversation transitions to the evolution of book marketing in the digital age. Schreiner touches on the intricacies of book cover design and blurb writing, emphasizing the collaborative effort and strategic marketing required to captivate potential readers. Moreover, the discussion extends to the potential use of AI in writing narratives, and while Schreiner acknowledges its utility, he emphasizes the unmatched value of human touch and thorough research.

As we approach the final chapters of the episode, the topic of adapting literature for screen and interactive media is broached. Schreiner and Franze speculate on the possibilities of bringing “The Wolves and the Greyhounds” to life in different formats, including film and video games. In a touching acknowledgment, Schreiner credits his wife Diane’s unwavering support throughout his creative endeavors, highlighting the often-unseen heroes behind every successful venture.

The episode concludes with heartfelt gratitude from Franze to Schreiner for sharing his remarkable story. The host invites listeners to engage further by visiting the show’s website for additional resources and encourages them to connect and share their thoughts.

Robert Schreiner’s journey from a spy to a storyteller is a testament to the boundless potential that lies within a shift in career and the pursuit of passion. This episode not only bridges the gap between two vastly different worlds but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring authors and history enthusiasts alike.

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