Stand Out With Creative Podcast Titles and Artwork


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  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Co-Host: Jenny Wick
  • Guest: Jason Cercone
  • Aired: April 5, 2023

Welcome to another episode of Franze and Friends, where we explore the world of artist development with industry experts and experienced hosts. In this episode, we have a special guest, Jason Cercone, a podcast strategist who joins our host, Jay Franze, and co-host, Jenny Wick, to discuss the art of creating podcast titles, artwork, and show notes, including the use of AI.

As a podcast strategist, Jason shares his insights on the importance of a catchy title and eye-catching artwork in attracting listeners and building a brand identity. He also highlights the role of show notes in enhancing the listener experience and improving search engine optimization.

The conversation then shifts towards the use of AI in podcasting, with Jay and Jenny sharing their experiences and opinions on the use of AI for generating podcast titles and artwork. They discuss the benefits and limitations of AI and how it can be used to enhance the creative process and improve efficiency.

Throughout the episode, the hosts and guest share practical tips and advice for podcasters looking to create engaging titles, artwork, and show notes, whether through traditional methods or AI.

Join us for this informative and engaging episode of Franze and Friends, and discover how you can take your podcasting to the next level with compelling titles, artwork, and show notes.

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