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Tom Locke: Award-Winning Author / Music Historian (21 Jump Street, The X-Files, Millennium)

In this episode of The Jay Franze Show, we are joined by a true Renaissance man, Tom Locke, an author, music historian, and business maven with a career that spans the realms of mathematics, film, entertainment, and coaching. Born and raised in Toronto, Tom’s journey is as diverse as it is fascinating.

From his early days in the film industry in Vancouver to co-founding Rainmaker Digital Pictures Corporation and contributing to the success of T.V. classics like 21 Jump Street, The X-Files, and Millennium, Tom has played a pivotal role in shaping the entertainment landscape. His experiences working on feature films such as Legends Of The Fall, which earned an Academy Award for best cinematography, provide a behind-the-scenes look at the magic of Hollywood.

But Tom’s story doesn’t stop there. In 1996, he embarked on a new chapter, launching a career and business coaching practice focused on human capital development and strategic planning. His passion for education led him to create and instruct a course on “Creating Your Competitive Edge” at the University of British Columbia.

Tom’s commitment to community investment and philanthropy is evident in his extensive involvement in various boards and charitable endeavors. His twenty years on the board of the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame & Museum and his production of a fundraising print for the 1994 Commonwealth Games showcase his dedication to honoring the past and inspiring the future.

As a lifelong sports enthusiast, Tom emphasizes the crucial role of sports in developing values and leadership. His energy and larger-than-life stories have made him a sought-after guest for podcasters, reporters, and T.V./radio hosts.

In the latter part of his career, Tom delved into the impact of digital technology on business, introducing the online world to his creation, “Moments In Time.” This curated journey through the music of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s has captivated audiences, earning Tom’s book, “Moments In Time: Stories About Artists And Songs,” five prestigious awards. The book’s unique interactive format, combining the “old” with the “new,” reflects Tom’s ability to bridge generations seamlessly.

Join Jay Franze as he sits down with Tom Locke to explore the diverse chapters of his life, the magic behind “Moments In Time,” and the invaluable lessons learned from a career that transcends industries.

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  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Tom Locke
  • Recorded: November 13, 2023


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