Strumming Through Adversity: James Rissacher, Musician / Educator


James Rissacher: Critically Acclaimed Musician / Educator

As the sun casts its golden hue over Lake George, Jay’s joined by James Rissacher, the ‘fishing musician,’ who weaves an enchanting melody among the lapping waves. Picture this: a skillful guitarist, a serene lake, and a boat – it’s the setting where James shares his musical journey, from the disciplined halls of SUNY Fredonia to first chair classical guitarist, and beyond. His story of overcoming a nail accident that almost silenced his strings is a testament to the resilience embedded in the heart of every dedicated artist.

Prepare yourself for a symphony of insights as James and Jay explore the rigorous yet rewarding world of musical preparation and collaboration. They break down the distinct nuances of classical precision, jazz improvisation, and the soulful twang of country music, providing listeners with a backstage pass into the artistry that shapes a musician’s growth. The conversation also casts a spotlight on the significance of pure skill over flashy gear, underscoring the profound impact of a musician’s personal flair on their performance.

Finally, they share an intimate look at the dynamic between performer and venue, discussing the unique challenges and unexpected accompaniments that nature provides when playing outdoors. Whether it’s adapting to the acoustic whims of diverse settings or the personal adjustments made when using in-ear monitors, James’s experiences reveal the adaptability and passion necessary for captivating live performances. So settle in, lend your ears, and let the harmony of perseverance, skill, and the love for music resonate through this episode.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: James Rissacher
  • Recorded: April 15, 2024


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