Navigating History and Publishing: Robert Schreiner, Author


Robert Schreiner: Critically Acclaimed Author (The Wolves and the Greyhounds)

From the covert world of international espionage to the imaginative realms of historical fiction, Jay’s friend and guest, former CIA agent turned author Robert Schreiner, reveals the serendipitous sparks that ignited his novel “The Wolves and the Greyhounds.” Their heart-to-heart uncovers Bob’s three-year odyssey into the depths of the Battle of Coronel, illustrating his transformation of a WWI event into a mesmerizing story. As they traverse Bob’s unique path, they uncover how the echoes of his children’s history projects and a fervent love for military lore have woven into the fabric of his writing.

The maze that is the publishing industry is no stranger to the tenacious. Bob guides us through the rollercoaster of pursuing traditional publication—where the thrills of positive feedback meet the chills of rejection letters. Their conversation touches on the perseverance of authors and the nuanced challenges they face, especially in marketing a niche like WWI naval combat. However, their narrative doesn’t end there. Bob and Jay also chart the empowering journey of self-publishing, where the creative control and success stories are reshaping the dreams of modern writers.

In the final act, they ponder the evolution of storytelling in their digital landscape, discussing the art of captivating book covers and the finesse required for a potent blurb. They flirt with the future, considering the thrill of adapting literature for the screen or interactive media. As they close, Bob shares a heartfelt nod to the silent heroes behind every creative venture, with a special mention of his wife Diane’s steadfast support. Join us on The Jay Franze Show for a dialogue that bridges the clandestine corridors of intelligence with the boundless possibilities of fiction.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Robert Schreiner
  • Recorded: May 1, 2024


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