Riding the Rhythms of Fame: Malachi Gagnon, Recording Artist


Malachi Gagnon: Critically Acclaimed Recording Artist

When a young musician strums the strings of destiny, a symphony of stories unfolds. Join Jay as he gets an intimate look at Malachi Gagnon’s rise from a boy with a Taylor guitar to a country music phenomenon with millions of downloads. In their heart-to-heart, Malachi reminisces about discovering his vocal talent at a family karaoke night and the unwavering support system that fueled his journey from a hobbyist to a Nashville recording artist. His cherished guitar isn’t just an instrument; it’s a symbol of the connection between him and his father, and a muse for his songwriting craft.

Malachi’s tale is a melody of strategy and serendipity, his career a dance with adaptability in the ever-changing music industry. They explore the mosaic of moments behind recording in Nashville, the exhilaration of working with legends like the Cooley brothers, and the bold move of releasing singles—a testament to his savvy understanding of modern music distribution. The promise of a steady stream of singles through November and whispers of a larger project on the horizon paint a picture of an artist who’s not just riding the waves but making them.

But this episode isn’t all about chords and choruses; it’s a tribute to the deeper tunes of life that resonate within us. Malachi shares his personal crusade for mental health awareness, a mission born from the loss of a friend and the solace he found in faith. Their conversation is a reminder of the gentle power of checking in on those we hold dear, and the importance of compassion in our shared journey through life’s crescendos and decrescendos. So, tune in and be moved by the harmonies of Malachi’s music and the life stories that give them color.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Malachi Gagnon
  • Recorded: May 20, 2024


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