Echoes of the 70s: Mike Skill, Recording Artist


Mike Skill: Award-Winning Recording Artist

What happens when the decline of Detroit’s automotive industry fuels a surge in musical creativity? Join us as we sit down with rock and roll legend Mike Skill, founder of The Romantics, who takes us through the gritty yet exhilarating music scene of Detroit in the 70s. From working automotive industry jobs to fund his passion to rehearsing in old storefronts, Mike shares how the communal spirit among musicians and the influence of British rock bands shaped a city resilient in its artistic pursuits.

Discover the origins of The Romantics and how they emerged from the punk and new wave scenes of New York, LA, and London. Mike discusses the transition from the era of iconic lead singers to bands creating their own unique sounds and styles. Hear about the band’s early performances, their sharp Motown-inspired look, and the challenges they faced while recording their first two albums in a rapidly evolving music landscape. You’ll get an insider’s view on how the scene influenced their image and the creative processes behind their signature hits.

Finally, you’ll hear about the hit songs “Talking in Your Sleep” and “What I Like About You,” and journey through the relentless push from management to produce new records. Mike recounts the impact of the 1967 Detroit Riots on the local community and the creation of the song “67 Riot,” capturing the essence of that era through music. This episode is packed with captivating stories, personal anecdotes, and a vivid portrayal of the music industry’s highs and lows. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with rock legend Mike Skill on the Jay Franze show!

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  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Mike Skill
  • Recorded: June 17, 2024


The Art of Connection and Performance: Avery Glenn Crabtree

In the latest episode of our podcast, we dive deep into the world of country music with the incredibly talented Avery Glenn Crabtree. Known for his electrifying performances and powerful emotional connection to his music, Avery takes us on a journey through his musical career, revealing the secrets behind his unforgettable stage presence.

Avery’s passion for music is evident from the moment he steps on stage. In the opening chapter, he shares how he channels his emotions into each song, whether it’s sad, sexy, or aggressive. This ability to tap into his feelings allows him to create a powerful connection with his audience. Avery prefers deep cuts over popular tracks, as these songs resonate more deeply with him and allow him to deliver a more authentic performance. His background in bluegrass, instilled by his father, taught him the importance of surrounding himself with superior musicians, which has been a key factor in his growth as an artist.

The dynamic relationship between musicians and their audience is crucial in live performances, particularly in honky-tonk settings. Avery explains how the mood and engagement of the crowd can be influenced by the music and stage presence of the performers. By catering to the preferences of women in the audience and keeping the energy high, musicians can ensure a great night for everyone. Avery emphasizes the importance of not using setlists, allowing the band to adapt to the crowd’s vibe and keep the performance fresh and exciting. This flexibility is essential in creating an interactive and memorable experience for the audience.

Navigating the relationships within the music industry is no small feat, and Avery opens up about the challenges and triumphs of collaborating with venue owners and promoting shows in the digital age. He discusses the shifting responsibilities of artists to not only perform but also attract crowds, contrasting past and present expectations. Highlighting the importance of collaboration with venue owners, Avery shares examples of supportive relationships, like with Scotty from TFT and the owner of Tipsy Cow, who allow artistic freedom. The impact of audience behavior, such as phone use, and strategies to maintain their attention are also discussed.

Avery’s musical influences are diverse, ranging from bluegrass and gospel to Elvis and Motown. He celebrates the impact of Elvis’ commanding stage presence and diverse musical eras, which inspired a lifelong passion for music. Avery’s guitar influences include Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jerry Reed, and James Burton, showcasing his appreciation for a wide range of styles. The conversation highlights the impact of bluegrass roots on musical versatility, as well as the inspiration drawn from artists like Eddie Shaver, Brad Paisley, and Travis Tritt.

The challenges of adapting to social media for a musician who grew up without digital tools are explored in detail. Avery shares his struggles with feeling pretentious when posting online and the difficulty of balancing social media presence with family life. Despite these challenges, he recognizes the importance of connecting with an audience and the powerful impact music can have on individuals. A touching story of how a gospel song brought a listener to tears exemplifies this connection.

Avery’s journey is not without its personal struggles and triumphs. He reflects on the invaluable lessons learned from his musical influences and the support of his oldest brother, Donovan. The episode also features an exclusive segment celebrating the unsung heroes who support artists behind the scenes, highlighting the importance of teamwork in the music industry.

Throughout the episode, Avery shares heartfelt stories and anecdotes that showcase the power of music to move people. From the camaraderie he shares with his band to the technical prowess and heartfelt passion driving his artistry, Avery’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of music. His ability to engage with live audiences and create memorable experiences is a testament to his dedication and talent.

In summary, this episode offers a comprehensive look at Avery Glenn Crabtree’s musical journey, from his bluegrass beginnings to his electrifying live performances. With insights into the evolving live music scene, the challenges of navigating the music industry, and the importance of emotional connection in performance, this episode is a must-listen for music enthusiasts and aspiring musicians alike. Tune in for an unforgettable backstage pass to the world of country music with Avery Glenn Crabtree.

From Bluegrass Beginnings to Electrifying Performances: Avery Glenn Crabtree, Recording Artist


Avery Glenn Crabtree: Critically Acclaimed Recording Artist

What if your favorite song could completely change the vibe of an entire room? This episode we take you backstage with country music recording artist Avery Glenn Crabtree, who reveals the secrets behind his powerful performances. From tapping into deep emotions for every song, whether it’s sad, sexy, or aggressive, to his preference for deep cuts over popular tracks, you’ll get an inside look at what makes Avery an unforgettable frontman. Discover the special camaraderie he shares with his band and learn how his bluegrass background, instilled by his father, shapes his musical journey.

Ever wondered how musicians can control and elevate the energy in a honky-tonk setting? Avery shares his firsthand experience on engaging with live audiences, especially by catering to the preferences of women in the crowd, and the art of keeping the vibe high. The discussion goes beyond just setlists and notes the flexibility of seasoned musicians to adapt on-the-fly, ensuring every performance is fresh and memorable. Learn about the evolving live music scene, the decline of house bands, and the strategies musicians use to create an interactive experience that keeps fans coming back.

Navigating the intricate relationships within the music industry is no small feat, and Avery opens up about the challenges and triumphs of collaborating with venue owners and promoting shows in a digital age. Hear about his personal struggles with maintaining a social media presence while balancing family life, and the invaluable lessons learned from his musical influences ranging from bluegrass and gospel to Elvis and Motown. This episode also features touching anecdotes that highlight the power of music to move people, including a story about a gospel song that reduced a listener to tears. Tune in for heartfelt stories, industry insights, and an exclusive segment celebrating the unsung heroes who support artists behind the scenes.

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  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Avery Glenn Crabtree
  • Recorded: June 12, 2024