FI: About

Jay Franze is an NRA Certified Instructor, offering courses that focus on personal defense and safety. Courses include First Steps Pistol, Pistol Shooting, and Personal Protection in the Home. He teaches his students the knowledge, skills, and attitude to protect themselves and their families.

With the right to bear arms, it is each individual’s responsibility to receive proper training concerning firearm safety. Jay’s training goes beyond the basic usage of firearms to include tactical and situational procedures to insure his students are prepared for any scenario involving personal defense.

Jay started instructing with the goal of providing expert training and knowledge to individuals and groups. He has years of experience in firearm safety and tactical shooting. He delivers real world, innovative instruction for all of his students.

Jay combines his professional experience and his extensive educational background to provide his students with the highest quality personal defense and protection training available. He is fully committed to providing responsible citizens with elite training, in a professional environment.

Jay is courteous and professional, as well as passionate and dedicated to personal defense, allowing him to offer his students the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to complete their personal or group objectives.

Training stringently emphasizes proper firearm operation and safety procedures.