FI: Testimonials

“Couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to take other classes. Thanks Jay for all the knowledge, advice, and help.”


“I really enjoyed the class, Jay. Of course, I’ve had a little prior gun experience, but the class was informative and interactive. Thank you!”


“Jay was awesome! He made the material easy to understand, and was very approachable. He was very knowledgeable as well. The class was a blast in and out of the classroom.”


“Jay was very informative. He kept my interest. I would definitely refer interested shooters to his classes.”


“Just took the Carry class with Jay. Very informative and enjoyable, will recommend. I had a great time, learned a lot and very pleased with the class. Jay was great!”


“I thought Jay was very thorough and I am pleased. I didn’t know there were so many parts to a gun.”


“I was scared to death and Jay made the class interesting while calmming my nerves.”


“Had a blast… Very fun and informative…”


“Having come from an avid hunting family, I found myself at a loss in knowing the parts of a gun and how they work. With crime on the rise in our community, Westhaven, I felt I needed to take a course to learn more about my weapons to be safe. Two of my main concerns of having guns in my home are storage and ease of accessibility in the unfortunate case I may have to use a weapon to protect my family. Mr. Franze addressed not only the answers to those questions without prompting, but also covered the topic of introducing children to firearms and the correct means to do so keeping safety in mind at all times. I now know how to properly store easily accessible firearms without worrying my daughter or her friends will find our handguns and an ensuing travesty occur. While out running errands, I now am familiar with the different means of carrying a firearm on my person safely.”

“The gun range was extraordinary. Safety while handling the guns as we practiced was of the utmost importance to Mr. Franze and he was alert regarding that subject at all times, even in the classroom when he ensured more than one person validated no ammunition was in any gun we learned about.”

“Overall, I very much enjoyed the class, the instructor, and the range. Excellent job in making me, the wife and main protector of our home, as I am home with our daughter most of the day, feel much more comfortable in storing and using a handgun. Thank you.”


“Jay was very knowledgeable and provided an atmosphere that made everyone feel comfortable. It was a great experience.”


“I thought the course was to the point and very informative very well done.”


“Great Instructor!!!!”


“It was a great experience.”


“Thanks for your exceptional commitment to each individual and I expect everyone who completes your class to have the same great experience as I did. I believe your enthusiasm about firearm safety to be catching and look forward to shooting with you again sometime.”


“Jay Franze was a very good and knowledgeable instructor, and taught the class in a way the made it fun at the same time.”


“The lesson plan was well thought out and Jay was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions.”


“I walked in with very little knowledge on how to operate handguns, etc. Jay was very patient and informative, and I learned so much. Great class with all involved!”


“The class was very informative and I really liked the environment that was offered for the class. I have been through several military weapons training classes that were very stringent. This class was very well suited for the beginner as well as the experienced shooter.”


“The class was very small and invited student participation. We learned valuable safety tips, handling, and cleaning techniques. The instructor was very knowledgable and informative and was happy to answer all questions. thanks Jay”


“This was a very fun and exciting class. Jay was very knowledgeable.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Jay Franze is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable. I look forward to taking more classes in the future.”


“I have had very little previous experience with firearms, but the Handgun Carry Permit Class was a perfect introduction to the basics. Jay Franze is an excellent instructor and the small class size allowed for plenty of one-on-one instruction. I would recommend Jay to anybody looking to expand on their firearm skills or knowledge. Great class, and I will definitely be signing up for more!!”


“I learned a lot in this class and became much more comfortable around guns. As a beginner, I had some hesitations with owning a gun and carrying one. Now that the class is over I am excited to look into purchasing my first gun and take it to the range for more practice. Although this class is required for your carry permit, I think it’s a great place to learn the basics about guns. Loved the class!”


“I liked that the class was small, so I could have my questions answered easily.”


“Excellent class overall. Would highly recommend this handgun carry course.”


“Jay was a fantastic instructor. He answered all my questions and took the time to personally instruct me on the range. I finished very well, receiving a 100 on my shooting, even after not having shot a gun in 15 years! I also scored well on the written exam, thanks to Jay’s ability to teach the material effectively. Great class. I learned a ton! I highly recommend Jay Franze.”


“I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience! The class was small, extremely helpful, and a lot of fun! Jay really knows his stuff and took time answering everyone’s questions. He made sure everyone was comfortable handling and firing the guns. I definitely recommend Jay Franze for any of his services.”


“I had never even held a gun before class. I learned so much and feel so much better. The class was Awesome! Thanks Jay.”


“Class was fun! Jay was real nice and helped us all individually. My husband bought me the Amazon deal and it turned out awesome.”


“This was a great class, it was a small class which gave us one on one instruction. This was an awesome class. Jay was a lot of fun and very informative. I noticed some other classes that were at the range that had 20-30 people in it. I was very happy with Jay’s class, we only had 3, no pressure or intimidation. Thanks”


“Jay is a very thorough and awesome instructor. Smaller class size allowed for some good one on one help on the firing range making sure everyone was using their firearms correctly! Great group to learn from! Jay Franze is awesome!”


“I have put off taking this class for 4 years. I am so glad I finally took it. Prior to the class I was scared of the gun making it useless to me. The class was very helpful. and I would recommend it to anyone.”


“Class was very thorough and interesting. Information was presented at a leisurely pace, while still holding everyone’s attention. My wife and I took the class together, and we both really enjoyed it.”


“I put off getting my permit for several years for various reasons. One of which was not making the time to take an 8 hour course. The class size was great and the materials and discussion were relevant and informative. The class time went quickly because everyone was engaged. Thank you.”


“This is a great course for introduction to handguns as well as learning the state and federal laws for concealed carry.”


“Jay did an excellent job. The class was informative and well paced.”


“Thanks for a great class. Great instructor!”


“Jay had great patients and cared for the students in the class. Range time with instruction was awesome. The instructors demonstrations helped out a lot by giving me a visual image. The course was very informative and a very defensive in orientation. It was exactly what I was looking for.”


“Very good course. Enjoyed it very much. Very informative! Learned a lot.”


“This was very helpful and my first course. Mr. Jay Franze was a very effective communicator and made the information easy to understand.”