How To Make Your Team Happier

You expect the best from your team and encouraging them to achieve it is great.  You also want a happy team because a happy team is a productive team. And when a team is being productive, it makes the work place more fulfilling.  Employees will contribute to the team and offer assistance even outside of their own scope.  Happiness is a powerful tool and you should use your skills as a leader to encourage this feeling in your team.  A simple pep talk before beginning a project can increase your team’s productivity by as much as fifty percent.

Thank You!

These two words go such a long way.  Let your team know you appreciate how hard they work.  In the midst of the day-to-day grind, find time to step back and recognize those that helped you.  Make your thanks sincere and without a hidden agenda.  Make the effort to leave your office and go to the team member you wish to thank.  If possible, do it in front of their peers.  This makes an employee feel valued and will go a long way.  Tell them specifically why you are grateful and let them know how their efforts contributed to the overall success of the project.

What Really Matters to the Team

When all is said and done, the satisfaction a team member gets from making a difference will mean more than their salary or other benefits.  Yes, they are working for a pay check, but they can do that somewhere else.  You have to help them feel valued where they are, so they continue to perform for you.  So, offer sincere thanks and let them know they are appreciated.

Make it Personal, but Keep It Professional

You can offer thanks in a note or an email, just be certain you remain professional.  Make your method of thanks match the person’s preferences.  This will show them you have taken the time to get to know them.  A team member who sends hand-written notes should receive the same; one who slaps you on the back and wholeheartedly tells someone how great they are will appreciate the same show of gratitude – perhaps minus the back slap.  Most importantly, be genuine and speak from your heart.

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