Ready Or Not, Here Comes Change

The world is ever-changing, and resistance is futile.  Do not fall behind, and do not resist change.  It is easier said than done, but in the long run you will be glad you changed with the times.

The Only Constant is Change

Does it seem like the day you get the “latest” gadget you see an ad for one even better? Technology is constantly changing, and it seems what we buy today is out of date tomorrow.  Business is the same and you must be ready to adjust to the changes which occur.  Policies and procedures which were applicable at start-up might be stale and need revision.  What was valid when there were five employees is obsolete when you have 50.  As a manager, you must be aware when these changes need to occur, make them, then be certain your team understands them.

Preparation is Key

Anticipating the changes and preparing yourself for them keeps you and your business on track.  Change is not usually instantaneous; many times, it is planned well in advance.  Develop a transition plan to keep the flow smooth and keep your team in the loop.  They do not need to know every detail, but a simple overview will give them time to adjust, and it will make them feel a part of the team.  This will also keep the change from appearing out of nowhere.

Trial and Error

Set-up tests and take the new plans out for a spin before releasing them into the wild.  Check for fail points and make adjustments, if necessary.  You will need to identify both the positive and negative of your plans.  This will enable you to coach your team through the changes more effectively.  Some changes occur without a hitch; others require some fine-tuning along the way.  Let your team know what the purpose of the change is and what impact it will have on them, and on the company.  Invite their ideas to help the transition be smoother and ask for their patience and understanding as you implement those changes.  Being a part of it will keep your team on track with you.

If time allows, develop a sub-committee within your team to research and develop the plans of change.  You may have someone on your team that has driven that type of change and can be of value to you.   This also gives the rest of your team a specialist to reference as questions arise – and questions will arise!

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