So, You’re A Manager… Now What?

Congratulations!  You’re a manager.  Now what?  Your number one priority is to lead your team and guide them to success.  Your leadership will be the difference between a team that just gets the job done, and one who is sought after.  So, what do you need to do?

Prove Your Worth

The management role is purely overhead, so you need to constantly prove your value.  By showing that your team is more productive with your leadership, you demonstrate the value you bring.  You want things to run smoothly while you are in charge, and you want the company to recognize that the flow is easy because of your leadership.  They also need to see that without it, productivity will go down and the team most likely will not perform at the same level.

Get it All Organized

Being a manager requires a great deal of organization.  Leading your team is number one, but that does not negate other responsibilities.  Keeping records and getting into compliance with state laws are imperative. Determine the best course of action to help everything run smoothly and present it to your team.  Let them know their roles and your expectations and be sure to answer their questions.  You need them to be on board with you and that is difficult if they are unclear.  You can resolve your team’s concerns if you listen and help them develop solutions.

Your Team is an Extension of You

As a manager, your team is your greatest asset, so strong people skills are essential. Your team will reflect your style as a leader.  You need to realize that every team member is different, and they need to be treated accordingly.  By treating each person uniquely, you break the cookie cutter mold that many managers fall into.  Be aware of your team’s needs and manage them according to their individuality.  Get to know your team and you will become a more effective manager.  When your team deals with clients, you want your leadership to be seen through them.  You can do this by treating each of them as the important person they are.

Be a Doer, Not Just a Teller

Be hands-on when you lead your team.  Get your hands dirty and jump right in. Demonstrate that you will do whatever you ask of them.  Make sure you listen to, and consider, their input and opinions.  For them to take ownership of any project, they need to feel confident and know you support them 100%.  Any employee who does not feel their manager is on their side will not be successful.  Keep your team properly trained, get them engaged, and give them all tools necessary to achieve their goals.

Although managing people has its challenges, it is very rewarding.  Prepare a plan of action, keep an eye on progress, and adjust as necessary.  Be a manager your team wants to emulate, and success will be yours.

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