Beating the Odds, One Note at a Time: Dave Tough, Producer


Dave Tough: Award-Winning Producer / Engineer / Educator (Empire, Glee, CSI)

Embark on an auditory adventure with Dave Tough, a man whose life is a melody composed of jazz drum beats and executive decisions. As Jay’s guest, Dave shares the symphony of his career, highlighting his transition from the rhythms of drumming to the boardrooms of the music industry’s elite in Los Angeles. He offers us an intimate look at his evolution into a producing and engineering virtuoso in Nashville, reflecting on collaborations with legends like Alan Sides and Bruce Swedien, and his own battle with serious health issues, including a heart transplant.

Dive deep with us into the heart of music creation, where Dave lends his expertise on the transformative power of artist development, the ‘Bluebird Cafe approach’ to songwriting, and the delicate interplay between crafting a hit and capturing an artist’s true essence. The conversation takes a turn through the process of selecting the perfect studio environment, revealing how the choice between the grandeur of Oceanway Nashville and the tranquility of a home setup can dramatically influence an artist’s creative journey. Dave’s insights bridge the gap between technical mastery and the personal touch that defines the magic of music production.

Amidst the tales of musical prowess, we reveal the sobering realities and profound gratitude of a life sustained by the gift of organ donation. Dave’s story isn’t just a chronicle of professional triumph; it’s an inspiring narrative of human resilience, an intimate encounter with mortality, and a celebration of second chances. Join us for this unforgettable episode that goes beyond the notes on the page to the very pulse of the human spirit.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Dave Tough
  • Recorded: April 10, 2024