Top 3 Qualities Great Managers Care About

Great managers choose to lead their team to success.  They are natural leaders and understand the difference between being a leader and a boss.  Similar to professional sports, leaders choose the best team to accomplish their goals.  There are a number of qualities which make up a great team.  We are going to take a look at 3 of them now:


Ah, the circle of trust.  Everyone wants to be in it.  The downside is once you lose someone’s trust, getting it back seems all but impossible.  When you are seeking loyal employees, trustworthiness is by far the most important quality.  The applies to you as a manager also.  Your team members want you to trust them to do their jobs without micromanaging them.  They also want to trust that you will commit to their success and be honest about your expectations.  As a manager, always have the best interest of the team and they will be accountable for their own actions.

Driven to Succeed

Top leaders have an endless amount of drive.  They are passionate people and want to surround themselves with the same.  When putting a team together, great leaders seek those who are excited about their careers and are driven to reach their professional goals.  A great manager does not say, “Eat my dust!”  Instead, a great manager says, “You can do it!”

Work Flow

Successful teams are focused and develop routines.  A routine is structure, and that’s a good thing!  Think of the first few times you got behind the wheel of a car.  You probably had a checklist of things you did to make sure you were ready to drive: seat belt: check; adjust mirrors: check; steering wheel height correct: check; and the list goes on. The more experienced you became as a driver, the more developed your routine became.  It is the same way in the work place.  Once your team has the routine down, they can focus on the goal.  Just be patient as they learn.

Great managers are leaders that build a team of passionate people they can trust, people that have the drive to succeed, and people who understand the value of a routine.

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