Top 3 Things That Your Team Expects Of You

As a manager you will have a team of employees that work for you, but will they want to?  Team members come and go – it is the nature of the management beast. Sometimes they move up, sometimes they make lateral moves, and sometimes they just leave.  When an employee leaves, you may not be able to do anything about it, but you can learn from it.  Are they leaving because of you? Before you have to answer this question, take a look at the top 3 things your team will expect of you.


Communication is the foundation of a great relationship, and it is no different in business.  Your team needs to know exactly what you expect of them.  Without communication, your team is unable to meet the goals you have set.  Whether it be a short verbal interaction, an email, or a note you leave on their desk, maintain an open line of communication.  Also, let them know you are receptive to their ideas and comments.


There is nothing worse than not having the proper tools to do a job.  Okay, maybe having the tools, and not having the training to use the tools is a little worse.  Your team needs to be adequately trained to perform their jobs effectively.  How can you expect your team to be productive if they are trying to learn the tools and the process?


Every team member can agree: it is great to be recognized for the work they do.  They want to know that what they do matters and is truly contributing to the success of the team.  In most cases, a sincere “thank you” is all it takes; this is a powerful statement.

Put yourself in the shoes of your team members and see yourself from their point of view.  Would YOU want to work for YOU?  Do you communicate effectively and provide the training needed for success?  Are you slow to offer recognition or praise a job well done?  Most importantly – are you a leader?  Be who you would expect a leader to be, and your team will be missing nothing with you as theirs.

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