What Type Of Manager Are You?

There are two types of managers: leaders and directors.  One guides their team the other bosses them. Strive to be a leader and commit to supporting your team every step of the way.  By doing this, you will earn their respect, and your team will be more productive over time.

Leaders Earn Respect

A manager who chooses to direct needs to be more selective in choosing team members.  This group are usually self-motivators and tend to complete things their way. This is fine if you are looking for team members with “I” mentalities.  This seems to negate the word “team”, does it not?  By leading a team by example, and creating a sense of unity, you earn the respect of your employees.

A Routine Will Keep You on Track

Whether you choose the path of a leader or a director, developing a routine that works is vital.  You will need one for yourself, and another for your team.  Perhaps you will opt to start your week off with a Monday morning motivational meeting and end your week with a recap.  Begin each day clearing your inbox and end it in the field.  Development is key, and you need to keep your team in mind.

Demonstrate Accountability

As a manager, you expect your team to be accountable for their actions, but are you willing to be accountable for yours?  Again, lead by example.  Own up to your errors and take responsibility for your mistakes. You have no need to apologize for being human, but as a great leader you must demonstrate accountability.  Then fix the mistake and move on.  Also, when a team member makes a mistake, be willing to let them move on after they correct it.  Chances are they will feel bad enough; there is no need to hold it over their head.

Never Be Too Busy to Listen

Always take the time to listen to your team.  This will earn their respect and give you insight to what they are thinking.  It also gives you a chance to address their concerns before they become too much for them to handle. When your team knows they can come to you with any issue, they will be more likely to do so before it gets out of hand. Remember, you were given two ears and one mouth for a reason: to listen more and talk less.  When it is time to give feedback, a great manager makes it positive and constructive.

Demonstrate a Work Ethic, Don’t Push One

As a manager, you need to have a strong work ethic, but also have to accept that not all team member will possess the same.  Your team will consist of campers and climbers, and you need them both.  You need the campers to fill your standard positions (cashiers, clerks, warehouse, etc.), and you need your climbers to become future leaders (supervisors, project managers, account managers, etc.).  Both are essential and should be treated as such.

Remember, you spend a lot of time with your team, so choose wisely.  They will become your work family, and this is invaluable.  You also need to realize that your team members have lives outside of work, and as a manager you should respect that.  As you give them room to grow in their position, they will begin to develop a work ethic which includes the loyalty and respect you have earned.

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