Your Team Needs A Coach

Understanding your team and encouraging them to work well together is vital as a manager.  In addition to performing their daily responsibilities, they also need to work well together.  Strong communication skills, both inside and outside of the team, are essential.  They need to have strong communication skills inside, as well as outside, the team.  You may be lucky enough to get this upon hiring; if not, grab your whistle and get ready to coach.

Use Specifics When Making Corrections

When explaining concerns or making suggestions, be clear about what you expect.  When a team member does something wrong, it will get you (or them) nowhere if you only tell them they make a mistake.  Show them where the error was and how it affects the end result.  Guide them in working to a solution and encourage them along the way. This will show them you are truly interested in their growth.

Continue to Check Progress

Following up with your team to check their progress ensures they remain on track. When changes occur, be sure they are adapting.  As you see they are moving forward, express appreciation and gratitude.  Managers who offer kinds words to their team often have one that increases in productivity.

In closing…

Realize that being a manager comes with much responsibility, and how effectively you communicate with your team will determine the type of relationship that you will have with them.  Take the time to coach your team through the tougher times, develop the relationship, and your team will develop right along with it.

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