3 Big Reasons For Employee Turnover

Managers continuously complain about turnover, and always have an excuse why they are experiencing it.  However, more often than not, the managers themselves are to blame.  The primary role of managers is to manage people, yet many refuse that responsibility.  Remember, people rarely leave jobs; they leave managers.  Here are 3 big reasons for employee turnover.


This is important in regard to getting the job done, but also to the quality of life for your team.  When working on a schedule, consider them as a person not just an employee. When assigning days off make every effort to be considerate and give them two days in a row.  This will ensure they are not bouncing around between shifts.


“Hi!  I want to work for free!”  Said no employee EVER.  Payroll is just as important, if not more so than the schedule.  If this is not your forte, hire someone to do it or to train you how to do it.  This needs to be submitted correctly the first time, every time.  There is nothing worse than messing up an employee’s pay check.  Any time an error occurs, address it immediately and take action to correct it.


Everyone wants to feel valued and have the opportunity to move up.  A team member who feels like they are in a dead-end position will likely start looking for another job.

Talk to each of your team members; ask them what their goals are.  Let them know that you are there for them and will help them along the way.

Minimizing turnover is essential in any industry, so you should take any step you can to keep it under control.  Work with your team when making the schedule, review the payroll before turning it in, and be the mentor that your team needs.  This will keep them engaged and appreciative, which will keep them loyal.

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