3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Team’s Productivity

As a manager, continually find ways to improve your team’s productivity.  Let’s start with three quick and inexpensive options:

Let the Music Play

Your employees likely spend much of their time in front of a computer in the course of an 8+ hour day.  Tasks which are redundant, especially in front of a screen, cause boredom and a loss of focus.  Studies have shown that music makes repetitive tasks, which require little concentration, more tolerable.  This helps the day go faster and work seems less like a four-letter word.  Implement music in your work place and you will see a happier, more productive team.  Projects will be completed in a more timely fashion, resulting in reduced overtime and overall savings.  This works in a variety of scenarios so be brave and turn the music up!

What Should You Play?

Music allows an escape from the mundane, while masking a noisy work place – as in a factory.  In an office environment, music can serve as ambient noise.  Keep in mind that lyrics can add distraction at the office, so consider instrumental or classical music.  This will allow your team to stay focused, while being more productive.

Let the Sun Shine In

Lighting plays a major role in your team’s physical and mental well-being, and it has been proven people feel better under specific lighting.  Therefore, there is a connection between light and productivity, and cooler light will make your team more productive.  Natural light is the best and will improve one’s overall mood and energy.

If you are lucky enough to scout out your office space, always opt for more windows, especially where a majority of work will be done.  The more windows the better.  Even if there is a higher cost, you will make it up in the increase in productivity.  If you are in an existing location, consider blue enriched light bulbs.  They increase performance while reducing fatigue, both contributing to a healthy bottom line.

Make it Pleasant to Breathe In

All senses affect memory; however, the sense of smell is the strongest.  It is even stronger than sight.  We associate smell with locations and even people and can instantly be taken back in time.  Ever smell a freshly baked apple pie and you are transported to Grandma’s kitchen on Thanksgiving?  Your mood is also affected by your sense of smell.   Ever wonder why realtors bring cookies to a showing?  Yep, to get you in the mood to make a deal.  The aroma of coffee has the ability to reduce your perception of time, causing you to browse a little longer.  Even baby powder can prolong your perception.

Some scents can make you more alert, and therefore, more productive.  Studies have shown that diffusing lemon oil into an office can increase productivity by over 50%.  Before you start filling your office with eucalyptus and ginger, check with your team for any allergies or aversions.  Then find something that works and implement it.

In Closing…

Keep your team happy and productive with an office that is filled with good music, great lighting, and pleasant scents, and watch their productivity rise.  You will also notice a decrease in turnover due to the rise in their happiness.  And it may not be a bad idea to bake some cookies, too!

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