3 Things A Good Manager Should Never Say

Every manager wants to be a leader:  someone everybody looks up to, respects, and exceeds all expectations.  You will find this easier said than done.  As a manager, you already (hopefully) possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude to be successful.  Just as important, if not more so, than the “hard skills” are the “soft skills”. These include, especially, the way you talk to other people.  Here are 3 things that should never come out of your mouth:

No Problem

During each day, you talk to countless people.  You can’t expect to consider every word that comes out of your mouth.  However, one phrase you should avoid is, “No problem.”  Each time you say this, you are implying that person’s request would have been a problem. In addition, by uttering these two little words you may be also be committing yourself to something which may not be in your best interest, or your company’s.  Sometimes, just the word “no” is all you really need.

I’ll Try

Cast your mind… you ask your manager if he can attend a presentation you’ve scheduled with a client that potentially could move your company to the next level.  You’ve done your research, prepared slides, printed copies of the reports – you feel like the master employee.  The only thing missing is your manager to pull it all together and now he says, “I’ll try.”  Stunned, you do what any great employee does:  You promise yourself you will never say those words when you become a manager!  Some phrases just don’t work in management, and “I’ll try” is one of them.  It lacks confidence and commitment and it conveys the message you are purposely leaving yourself an out.  If you want your employees to be as dedicated as you are, start saying, “I will”.

No Fair

As my wife says…  “Suck it up buttercup.  Life’s not fair.”  Telling someone, “It’s not fair” implies you feel life is supposed to be fair, and that is just not the case.  In fact, it makes you seem naive.  There are going to be plenty of things in your career you don’t feel are fair.  Still, you need to face them head on and find an alternate route to get what you are looking for.

Just for fun visit https://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-32-dumbest-things-that-real-life-managers-said/ for a link to some amusing (or not so much) comments uttered by managers.  Put yourself in the shoes of the employees who received these gems and learn to think before you speak!  Continue to strive to be the best manager you can be.  Work on removing these phrases from your conversations.  Pay close attention to phrases your co-workers use, and see how they make you, or others, feel.  Your personal reaction to something said to you is a pretty good indicator of how another person would feel if the words were uttered BY you.  Remember the old saying: “Do unto others” and you’ll be a leader who always says the right thing.

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