Martin Lastrapes: Award-Winning Author / Novelist (Inside the Outside, The Vampire and the Hunter Trilogy, Dolph the Unicorn Killer & Other Stories)


Martin Lastrapes: Award-Winning Novelist / Author (Inside the Outside, The Vampire and the Hunter Trilogy, Dolph the Unicorn Killer & Other Stories)

Join host Jay Franze on this episode of The Jay Franze Show as he delves into the fascinating world of author, publisher, and podcaster Martin Lastrapes. Prepare for an entertaining and humorous conversation as Jay welcomes Martin, a self-proclaimed “classy bitch” with an impressive list of literary awards.

Martin Lastrapes, known for his unconventional storytelling and genre-bending narratives, shares his journey from growing up in the colorful Inland Empire to settling in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Discover how his childhood love for professional wrestling and comic books sparked his passion for writing and storytelling and why he once believed being Batman or a professional wrestler was a viable career option.

Explore Martin’s unique writing style and his repertoire of published works that include books about cannibals, vampires, and unicorn-killing superheroes. Get an inside look into his decision to self-publish one of his notable works, “Inside the Outside,” after receiving numerous rejections from literary agents. Find out how this bold move paid off, earning him critical acclaim and prestigious awards, including the Grand Prize at the Paris Book Festival.

Through candid anecdotes and self-deprecating humor, Martin Lastrapes shares his experiences as an English professor, his academic journey, and the inspiration behind his novels. Discover the motivations that led him to start his podcast, where he continues to explore the world of literature and engage in insightful conversations with fellow authors.

Tune in to this episode of The Jay Franze Show to witness an engaging conversation between Jay Franze and Martin Lastrapes, where they dive into the mind of a creative genius and uncover the secrets behind his literary success. Prepare for laughter, inspiration, and a glimpse into the world of a true wordsmith.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Martin Lastrapes
  • Recorded: July 10, 2023


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