Drew Phillips: Critically Acclaimed Musician / Songwriter (Blessid Union of Souls, Pay The Girl, Big Mood)


Drew Phillips: Critically Acclaimed Musician / Songwriter (Blessid Union of Souls, Pay The Girl, Big Mood)

Embark on a musical journey with Jay Franze as he hosts a captivating episode on The Jay Franze Show featuring the immensely talented musician and songwriter Drew Phillips. Drew currently makes waves as a prominent songwriter in the dynamic songwriting duo Big Mood, crafting melodies that resonate with depth and emotion.

However, Drew’s musical expedition spans various chapters. As the bassist for Full Moon Fever, a revered Tom Petty tribute band, Drew immerses himself in the essence of Petty’s timeless music, channeling passion and dedication into live performances that honor the rock legend’s legacy. Join us as Drew shares intimate insights into the intricate process of paying homage while infusing his unique musical spirit into the tribute.

Drew’s foray into the music industry was ignited during his tenure as the bassist for Pay The Girl, a modern rock band from the ’90s; this period served as his launchpad, propelling him into the music scene and shaping his artistic trajectory. Through anecdotes and experiences, Drew sheds light on the exhilarating ride through the ’90s rock era, offering a glimpse into the pivotal moments that molded his musical identity.

Throughout the episode, Drew unravels the artistry behind songwriting, the collaborative energy within Big Mood, and the evolution of his musical style across diverse landscapes. Listeners will be treated to profound insights into the creative process and the dedication required to thrive in the ever-evolving music world.

Join Jay Franze in a captivating conversation with Drew Phillips, exploring the intricate tapestry of songwriting, the nostalgic echoes of ’90s rock, and the soulful tribute to Tom Petty’s enduring legacy. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a burgeoning songwriter, or simply captivated by musical evolution, this episode promises an engaging and inspiring glimpse into the heart of a versatile musician’s journey.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Drew Phillips
  • Recorded: December 4, 2023


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