Chloe Styler: Critically Acclaimed Recording Artist


Discover the journey of Chloe Styler, an exceptionally talented country music artist, as she takes us behind the scenes of her dream performance at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe. Chloe reveals the overwhelming sense of accomplishment and the unique atmosphere of the venue, where the attentive audience contributed to an unforgettable night. She shares her initial nerves and the contrasting vibes between Nashville’s vibrant music scene and Australia’s Gold Coast, providing a fresh perspective on her musical influences and experiences.

Chloe Styler opens up about her creative synergy with renowned producer Luke Wooten. Get an insider’s look at their collaborative process at Station West, where they blend country, pop, and rock elements to create Chloe’s signature sound. Chloe talks about the thrill of seeing their hard work culminate in the success of their latest track “Read A Room,” which is climbing the Australian radio charts. The efficient yet dynamic recording sessions at Station West highlight the dedication and passion driving Chloe’s music career.

Jay and Chloe also delve into Chloe’s personal stories behind her songs “Call It” and “Little Lady,” revealing the vulnerability and excitement that come with releasing deeply personal tracks. Chloe discusses the challenges of being an independent artist—balancing self-management, industry pressures, and personal health. Hear about the indispensable role of technology in her creative workflow, from her iPhone 13 Pro Max to her Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface. Chloe’s candid insights provide valuable lessons for aspiring musicians and a heartfelt narrative for fans.


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