Top 3 Ways Managers Earn Their Team’s Respect

Good managers don’t just build a team, they build a family.  They carefully choose each team member to complement the others, and then lead them to success.  It is leadership like this that earns the respect of the team.

Create a Family Atmosphere

Your team will most likely spend more of their waking time at the office than with their own family.  For some, this is a no brainer.  For others, for instance a new parent, it might be a little more difficult.  By making your team members feel included, it will ease some of the reality.  Team members who do not feel they are part of a team tend to have reduced productivity and find excuses to call off.  This creates problems at the office and affects their well-being.  Create a “work family” and help them find balance.

As your work family grows closer, they will start to perform better.  They will be there for each other and be more likely to work as a team.  This will lead to better performance and better their chances for success.

Continuing Education

Do I have to go to school?  We have all whined that at some point in our lives.  The fact is, you should never stop learning, and neither should your team.  Keep your team up on the latest in their field by continually offering training.  Many team members complain about having to go through more training, but research has shown that employees who feel challenged perform better than those who don’t.

In addition to on-the-job training, consider having your team participate in continuing education classes.  This is another way to show you care about them and their future. It is also a great way to keep them engaged.  Your participation in these classes adds yet another level of respect and is a great way for you to stay sharp and on top of your game.

Be a Mentor

Everyone wants to feel their contribution matters and they are a valuable part of the team.  If they do not feel valued, they may feel threatened.  This will lead to a poor attitude and poor performance.  Take the time to recognize their progress and accomplishments.  As you build their confidence, you will see a change in their performance.

Keep your team aware of any possible openings within your company, and make sure they are ready for the advancement.  It is one thing to feel confident, and it is another to be confident.  Make it a priority to build your team’s confidence, both individually among team members and as a whole.

As a manager, continually strengthen your work family, place learning at the top of your list, and be the mentor they never had.  Be brave and try one new thing each day and share it with your team, encouraging them to do the same.  You lead by example, and you will be producing the next set of successful managers.

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