3 Quick Ways To Make A Great First Impression

We have all heard you only have one chance to make a good first impression.  As a manager, this could not be more true.  You will be sized up from first sight to the final handshake; your first word to your final goodbye. Your colleagues and peers will develop their opinion of you during the first minute of meeting you.  Here are 3 quick ways to make a great first impression:


This is a 100-level trait – be on time and respect the time of others.  If you are not at meetings and ready to go, 15 minutes early, then you are late.  Few things are worse than being late for a meeting, especially a first meeting.  Be on time, dressed to impress, and ready to go.


Always dress for the position you want.  Your appearance is the first thing you will be judged on, so dress the way you want others to see you.  This is why the suit and tie, or pantsuit, is still the norm in business.  Your appearance extends to your grooming and body language. Before you head out the door, stand in front of a mirror and make sure you are presenting your best self.  Then put a smile on your face, confidence in your step, and head out.


Your handshake says a lot about you and sets the tone for the rest of the conversation.  This is not the time to be shy, timid, or show your strength.  You want to come off confident but not cocky.  A firm handshake is the goal.  This will show confidence and give you a great start.

You have one chance to kick off this new relationship, so take the time to prepare and do it right. Look sharp, be on time, and deliver a confident handshake.  Put your phone on silent and put it away.  Finally, be aware of your body language and listen more than you talk.

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