Bruce Tarletsky: Crafting Emotional Hits with High Mountain Breezes

In the latest episode of our podcast, we delve into the captivating world of Bruce Tarletsky and his Nashville supergroup, High Mountain Breezes. Bruce, who ventured into songwriting later in life, found an unexpected source of inspiration in a dedicated group of session musicians. With producer Bob Bullock’s support, Bruce has cultivated a unique musical space that thrives on friendship, collaboration, and personal expression. This episode uncovers how these elements come together to create music that transcends the ordinary, leaving a lasting legacy.

The journey begins with Bruce’s late entry into the world of songwriting and his experiences navigating the Nashville music scene. His serendipitous encounters with talented session players led to the formation of High Mountain Breezes, a group where the magic of consistent collaboration was palpable. Bruce highlights the importance of creating a space where musicians can express themselves authentically, leading to the birth of a musical legacy that reflects their true essence.

One of the standout stories in this episode is the reimagining of the classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” This rendition, brought to life by Melissa Duvall, Gwen Sebastian, and Heather Beckett, topped charts in Europe and showcased the group’s innovative approach to music. The creative process behind this arrangement, led by Chris and enriched by insights from Michael Spriggs, demonstrates the power of collaboration and real-life experiences in shaping successful hits. The release of their album in December 2021, which amassed significant traction and multiple number-one hits, further underscores their impact on the music scene.

The emotional depth of High Mountain Breezes’ music is a recurring theme throughout the episode. Songs like “Daddy’s Margarita Rose” and “Stars in Lahaina Tonight” exemplify how personal loss and real-life stories can transform into powerful, relatable lyrics. The story of a wife’s grief in “Daddy’s Margarita Rose” and a friend’s lost love in “Stars in Lahaina Tonight” illustrate the profound impact of genuine emotions on songwriting. Collaborations with notable musicians like Connie Reeder, who worked with John Denver, add another layer of authenticity and heartfelt expression to their music.

The unsung heroes behind the scenes also play a crucial role in High Mountain Breezes’ success. The episode highlights the creative and marketing process behind their unique rendition of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” Deborah’s soulful contribution and Dustin’s marketing expertise, including his work on websites and album designs, are pivotal in bringing their music to a wider audience. The sense of family within the project and the respect among team members contribute to the group’s cohesive and fulfilling journey.

Bruce’s partnership with producer Bob Bullock is another key element in the group’s story. Bob’s contributions and experiences, hinted at in this episode, promise to be a topic of future discussions. The episode also touches on the collaborative songwriting process, featuring contributions from renowned songwriters like Jan Buckingham and Monty Lane Allen. Their insights into co-writing and the importance of real-life experiences in crafting relatable songs add valuable perspectives to the discussion.

The episode is rich with anecdotes and stories that illustrate the heart and soul of High Mountain Breezes. From Bruce’s first concert experience with John Denver at Red Rocks to the poignant reflections on lost love and the songwriter’s legacy, each story adds depth to the narrative. The song “Songwriter’s Heart,” inspired by a conversation with Becky Hobbs, encapsulates the enduring impact of heartfelt lyrics and the living legacy of songwriters.

This episode offers a backstage pass to the intricate world of High Mountain Breezes and the team that makes their music possible. Through heartfelt stories, innovative collaborations, and a deep appreciation for genuine emotions, Bruce Tarletsky and his group have crafted a musical legacy that resonates with listeners. Tune in to discover the incredible journey of High Mountain Breezes and the heartfelt process behind their unforgettable hits.

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