Bruce Tarletsky: Critically Acclaimed Songwriter


What if you discovered that some of the most heartfelt songs come from the most unexpected places? Join us as we uncover the incredible journey of songwriter Bruce Tarletsky and his Nashville supergroup, High Mountain Breezes. Bruce, who took up songwriting later in life, found inspiration in a loyal group of session musicians. With producer Bob Bullock by his side, Bruce created a unique musical space that emphasizes friendship, collaboration, and personal expression. Together, they’ve crafted a legacy that goes far beyond the notes on a page.

Ever wondered how a classic like “Bridge Over Troubled Water” could be reimagined to top charts in Europe? Bruce and his team did just that, with Melissa Duvall, Gwen Sebastian, and Heather Beckett bringing a fresh, innovative rendition to life. They dive into the creative process behind this and other hits, revealing how real-life experiences and co-writing shape their music. With insights from Michael Spriggs and contributions from songwriters like Jan Buckingham and Monty Lane Allen, they discuss the profound impact of collaboration on their success.

From the grief-stricken “Daddy’s Margarita Rose” to the poignant “Stars in Lahaina Tonight,” they explore the emotional depth that fuels their music. Hear stories of how personal loss transforms into powerful lyrics and learn timeless advice from legends like John Denver. They wrap up by highlighting the unsung heroes behind the scenes, including Deborah’s soulful touch on “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” and Dustin’s marketing prowess. Tune in to discover the heart and soul of High Mountain Breezes and the team that makes it all possible.

Contributing HMB Players

  • Bruce Tarletsky – Founder, Songwriter
  • Monty Lane Allen – Player, Artist, Songwriter
  • Bob Bullock – Producer/Engineer
  • Chris Leuzinger – Musician, Songwriter
  • Michael Spriggs – Musician
  • Duncan Mullins – Musician
  • Catherine Marx – Musician
  • Tim Crouch – Musician
  • Gwen Sebastian – Artist
  • Darrell Cole – Artist, Songwriter
  • Jan Buckingham – Songwriter
  • Janie West – Song Pitch Mentor
  • Mark Beckett – Musician
  • Jermaine Mondine – Musician
  • Dustin Soper – Marketing, Branding
  • Ed Gertler – Digital Distribution
  • Kyle Hershman – Engineer
  • Chris Latham – Producer, Engineer
  • Sam Levine – Musician
  • Blair Masters – Musician
  • Amanda Raye – Artist
  • Minnie Murphy – Artist
  • Mark Nicolosi – Videographer
  • Gary Graziano – Musician
  • Conrad Reeder – Artist, Songwriter
  • Jimmy Mattingly – Musician

Friends of the HMB

  • Deborah Allen, Artist
  • Benita Hill, Artist
  • Robert Bailey, Artist
  • Vicki Hampton, Artist
  • Larry Chaney, Producer
  • Jay Franze, Media Personality


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