Diving Deep into ‘The Spice of Life’: Scotty Simpson, Musician


Scotty Simpson: Critically Acclaimed Bass Player / Recording Artist (The Oak Ridge Boys, Travis Tritt, Patty Loveless)

On this episode of The Jay Franze Show, we dive deep into the world of music and the essential role that bass plays in creating a great song. Our guest for the episode is Scotty Simpson, a seasoned bass player who has worked with several top artists in the industry, including Travis Tritt and The Oakridge Boys.

Scotty shares his insights on how he got started in music, the challenges he faced, and his experiences playing with some of the biggest names in the music industry. He also shares his philosophy on what it takes to become a great bass player and the importance of finding your own groove.

Jay and Scotty explore the impact of technology on music and how it has changed the way artists approach songwriting and recording. They discuss the evolution of the bass sound and how modern technology has helped create new sounds that would not have been possible in the past.

During the episode, Scotty takes us on a deep dive into his latest album, The Spice of Life, which showcases his musical versatility and creativity. He shares his process for creating the album, from writing the songs to recording and mixing them. Scotty also gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration behind each track and the stories he tells through his music. Listeners will get an exclusive sneak peek into the making of the album and Scotty’s personal journey as a musician.

Whether you’re a musician or a music lover, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we explore the world of music through the eyes of one of the industry’s most talented and experienced bass players.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Scotty Simpson
  • Recorded: February 20, 2023


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