Nismah Osman: Critically Acclaimed Songwriter / Music Producer (Temptation Island, Dancing with the Stars, OWN)


Nismah, a seasoned songwriter, music producer, and visionary entrepreneur from Western Massachusetts, brings fresh air to the traditional music industry. With a 17-year career adorned with over 200 sync licensing placements in major films and TV shows like Love is Blind, Dancing with the Stars, and NASCAR, Nismah is a trailblazer in the industry.

In this episode, Nismah sits down with Jay Franze to share her unique journey and insights into helping aspiring musicians turn their passion into a sustainable and fulfilling career. As a vocal advocate for thinking outside the box, Nismah focuses on strategies that increase income and preserve the artistic spirit that often gets overshadowed by conventional promotional methods.

Key Discussion Points:

• Breaking Free from Conventional Music Marketing: Nismah delves into the pitfalls of traditional promotional strategies and offers alternative approaches that empower musicians to stand out in a crowded market.
• Building Scalable and Sustainable Systems: Learn from Nismah’s experience as she guides musicians on creating systems that enhance their income and allow them to concentrate on what they do best – making music.
• Outsourcing and Creative Empowerment: Discover the art of harnessing your creative superpower and strategically outsourcing non-creative tasks, freeing up valuable time for artists to focus on their craft without burnout.

Nismah’s Achievements:

• 200+ sync licensing placements in notable films and TV shows.
• She studied songwriting techniques with pop legend Kara DioGuardi.
• She has taught songwriting and music business at Berklee College of Music.

Join Jay Franze and Nismah Osman for an engaging conversation that goes beyond the music industry norms. Uncover the secrets to a fulfilling and sustainable creative career, and get ready to be inspired by Nismah’s innovative approach to music, business, and life.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Nismah Osman
  • Recorded: February 5, 2024


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