Stephen DiJoseph: Award-Winning Recording Artist


Stephen DiJoseph: Award-Winning Recording Artist (Warner Music Group, Deco Records, Cargo Records)

This week we delve into the remarkable journey of recording artist Stephen DiJoseph. Jay Franze sits down with Stephen to unravel the serendipitous events that led to his collaboration with Deko Entertainment, a record label just ten miles from his home.

It all started on a Wednesday evening at John and Peters. At this iconic New Hope music venue, Stephen was drawn to the invitational band’s enchanting covers of classic tunes. Little did he know a chance encounter with the keyboard player, Bruce, would alter the course of his musical career. Upon revealing his struggle with Tourette’s, Stephen was astounded to learn that Bruce shared a similar connection through his two children.

The following day, Stephen took a leap of faith and reached out to Bruce, sharing samples of his music and expressing his gratitude for the unexpected connection. A whirlwind of friendship and collaboration ensued as Stephen found himself welcomed into the Deko Entertainment family with open arms.

Throughout their conversations, Bruce’s simple yet profound words, “Let’s be friends. The rest will fall into place,” echoed in Stephen’s mind, reminding him of the power of genuine connections and shared understanding. As Stephen reflects on his journey, he realizes the truth in the belief that we attract more than we realize.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Stephen DiJoseph
  • Recorded: March 18, 2024


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