Dave Rhea, Critically Acclaimed Musician (Vonray, Dust For Life)


Dave Rhea: Critically Acclaimed Recording Artist (Vonray, Dust for Life, Electra Records)

Welcome to a special episode of The Jay Franze Show, where we dive deep into the poignant story behind one of Vonray’s most haunting tracks, “Drinkers Hour.” Joining Jay Franze as a special co-host is Tiffany Mason, the host of Memories With a Beat, adding her unique perspective to the conversation.

In this episode, we are honored to have Dave Rhea back on the show to share the powerful narrative behind “Drinkers Hour,” a song close to his heart. Written by Dave’s father, the lyrics paint a raw and honest picture of the struggles with alcoholism and its impact on his family.

As Dave opens up about the personal journey reflected in the song, listeners gain insight into the emotional turmoil and complexities of those grappling with addiction. Through heartfelt discussion, they explore the themes of remorse, redemption, and the enduring hope for change portrayed within the lyrics.

With vulnerable honesty, Dave offers a firsthand account of the challenges his father faced, and the toll addiction took on his loved ones. Shedding the light on the profound effect of alcoholism on family dynamics and the long road to recovery.

Throughout the episode, listeners are invited to reflect on their own experiences with addiction, empathy, and the power of resilience. By delving into the deeply personal story behind “Drinkers Hour,” this episode of The Jay Franze Show aims to foster understanding, compassion, and hope for those grappling with similar struggles.

Jay Franze, Tiffany Mason, and Dave Rhea guide you through an intimate exploration of “Drinkers Hour,” a song that transcends its melody to illuminate the human experience with raw honesty and unwavering emotion.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Co-Host: Tiffany Mason
  • Guest: Dave Rhea
  • Recorded: March 20, 2024


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