Crafting History in the Harmony of Hardship: William Lee Golden, Recording Artist


William Lee Golden: Award-Winning Recording Artist  (The Oak Ridge Boys, William Lee Golden and The Goldens)

Step behind the curtain with Jay as he sits down with the legendary William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys. In an intimate exchange, William shares his rich history with the band, encompassing the familial bonds among members and the recent transition with the addition of Ben Isaacs. But perhaps what’s most striking is how he turned the silence of the pandemic into a symphony of creativity, collaborating with his family band, The Goldens, to produce new music. They also peel back the layers of William’s personal life, revealing his hobbies and the resilience that allows him to keep negativity at bay.

As they traverse the changing landscapes of music alongside William, they find themselves immersed in the harmonious blend of gospel and country, with nods to rock legends that shaped the soundtracks of our lives. The conversation shifts to the nitty-gritty of the music business, where artists like William confront the challenges of evolving record labels and the digital revolution’s impact on album production. It’s a candid look at the necessity for risk-taking and the pursuit of artistry in an industry that is as relentless as it is rewarding.

In the final notes of their journey, they celebrate the milestones and the unsung heroes who’ve made indelible marks on William’s career. The stories are vibrant, from singing hits like “Thank God for Kids” to showcasing the talents of his grandchildren who are carving their own paths in the world of music. And who knew a koala bear could symbolize such enduring bonds? We wrap up with a reflection on the legacies left through melodies and the timeless connections that bind us all, on and off the stage. Join Jay for this heartwarming exploration into the life of an icon and the music that tells his story.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: William Lee Golden
  • Recorded: May 9, 2024


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