Rising Through Nashville’s Ranks: Makenzie Phipps, Recording Artist


Makenzie Phipps: Critically Acclaimed Recording Artist

As Jay sits down with the effervescent Mackenzie Phipps, he couldn’t help but be struck by her pure, unadulterated passion for music that’s as clear as the Bluefield skies she hails from. Their conversation takes you on a journey from a Virginia church choir to the heart of Nashville’s music scene, where Mackenzie shares candid stories about her family’s unwavering support and the emotional depth behind her song “18 Wheels.” With her feet firmly planted in her roots and eyes set on the stars, she embodies the spirit of country music in its truest form.

Step into the vibrant world of Nashville recording studios, where Mackenzie opens up about the alchemy of creating music that resonates with the soul. She pulls back the curtain on the session musicians’ wizardry and the charting system that’s the lifeblood of the industry’s recording process. Whether she’s mastering guitar licks or navigating the illustrious corridors of Blackbird Studio, Mackenzie’s tales of artistic growth amidst Nashville’s finest are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The episode crescendos as they discuss the evolving tapestry of country music, from the legends who paved the way to the fresh faces stirring the pot of creativity. Mackenzie’s anecdotes about potential collaborations and the way certain songs stir her soul stand as a testament to her dedication to the craft. Her musical journey, woven with personal insights and dreams of collaborations, is a reminder of the enduring power of storytelling through song. Join Jay for this memorable chat with Mackenzie Phipps as they celebrate the heartbeat of country music and the artists who keep its legacy alive.

Show Information

  • Host: Jay Franze
  • Guest: Makenzie Phipps
  • Recorded: May 13, 2024


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