Mike Skill: Award-Winning Recording Artist (The Romantics)


What happens when the decline of Detroit’s automotive industry fuels a surge in musical creativity? Join us as we sit down with rock and roll legend Mike Skill, founder of The Romantics, who takes us through the gritty yet exhilarating music scene of Detroit in the 70s. From working automotive industry jobs to fund his passion to rehearsing in old storefronts, Mike shares how the communal spirit among musicians and the influence of British rock bands shaped a city resilient in its artistic pursuits.

Discover the origins of The Romantics and how they emerged from the punk and new wave scenes of New York, LA, and London. Mike discusses the transition from the era of iconic lead singers to bands creating their own unique sounds and styles. Hear about the band’s early performances, their sharp Motown-inspired look, and the challenges they faced while recording their first two albums in a rapidly evolving music landscape. You’ll get an insider’s view on how the scene influenced their image and the creative processes behind their signature hits.

Finally, you’ll hear about the hit songs “Talking in Your Sleep” and “What I Like About You,” and journey through the relentless push from management to produce new records. Mike recounts the impact of the 1967 Detroit Riots on the local community and the creation of the song “67 Riot,” capturing the essence of that era through music. This episode is packed with captivating stories, personal anecdotes, and a vivid portrayal of the music industry’s highs and lows. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with rock legend Mike Skill on the Jay Franze show!


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