Kyle Fields: Critically Acclaimed Recording Artist


What ignites a lifelong passion for music? For country music recording artist Kyle Fields, it was a Christmas gift from his grandmother that set him on a remarkable trajectory. This week on the Jay Franze Show, join us as Kyle takes us from his musical roots in Greenup, Kentucky, through high school jam sessions and garage bands, to the culture shock of Nashville in his early 20s. Discover how Kyle evolved from learning guitar chords as a teenager to the unforgettable experience of opening for Kid Rock before 32,000 fans.

Kyle opens up about the inspiration behind his first album, sharing candid stories about creating an eclectic mix of songs that explore themes like drinking, breakups, opioid addiction, and heartfelt tributes to Kentucky and Conway Twitty. Learn about the lengthy and sometimes chaotic writing process that spanned both solo and co-writing sessions, and hear why Kyle treasures personal connections in songwriting over Nashville’s more structured co-writing schedules. He also highlights the instrumental elements that shape his sound, including the fiddle and steel guitar, and the unique recording process that spans from Jason Hale’s Salt Mind Studio in Kentucky to Nashville.

Finally, we get an insider’s look at the music industry as Kyle recounts his experiences at Farmland Studios and the shifting landscape of Music Row. Hear about the vibrant Broadway scene and the invaluable lessons learned from performing there, as well as the bittersweet moments of missing home. Kyle reflects on the thrill of significant career milestones and heartwarming stories of audience engagement and social media interactions. Plus, he shares a touching encounter with Pam Tillis and pays tribute to his biggest supporter—his mother, his “Unsung Hero.” Tune in to celebrate the people and moments that make Kyle’s musical journey so special.


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