Selecting The Right Team Member for Advancement

Now that you are a manager, it is your job to scout out potential candidates for advancement within your company.  This is a great responsibility and must be treated as such.  You have to be fair to your team while keeping the company’s interests in mind.

Not Everyone is Management Material

We all have that rock star employee: in early, out late, meets or beats all deadlines…  just owns the position from day one.  All that still does not make them a fit for a management position.  You must know your team members – their ambitions, skills, and personalities – in order to determine the direction, they are destined for within the company.  When you are considering an employee for advancement, find evidence to support your decision then move forward.

Narrowing the Field

You have established your final candidates for a management position.  They are all “qualified” to take on the role, but do they understand it?  Have you been clear about the commitment which will be required?  Do they have the passion, drive, and desire that it takes?  More importantly, are they a good leader?  They need to have the knowledge, skills, and attitude to perform the job, but they also need to have superior people skills and the ability to lead.  The right person will have their own management style but will put the needs of the company first.

Management Takes More Than Book Smarts

Education and experience are important, but lack of either should not be grounds for dismissing someone as a possible manager.  Leadership development can happen in a number of ways.  Perhaps they held a leadership position in a club or coached a team. The most important thing is their ability to guide the team to success and that requires skills that go beyond education.

(They’ve Got) Personality

Personality is one of the most important things to look for in a candidate.  The way they get along with co-workers in their current position will speak volumes about their potential to lead.  If they are taking initiative and assisting others, chances are they will exercise that same team mentality as a manager.  Note their reaction when given constructive criticism.  If they take it in stride and implement the advice, they might be ready to make the move into management.  If not, it is not necessarily a deal breaker, they just might need more time to grow.

Don’t Rush It

You are not looking for a perfect person, you are looking for a person perfect for the job. You can’t rush this process.  Take your time and get to know the candidates beyond their resume.  Remember, someone once gave you a chance.  Now it is your turn.

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